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Physiotherapist PHD CSCS

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I am a scientist, strength coach and physical therapist. I educate patients and professionals on how to use evidence-based principles to maximize their performance and health.

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Very few people understand research as well as Dan, and even fewer know how to think creatively about it, and synthesize it with good old fashioned trial and error.  He is a true expert.

Greg Nuckols – Strengththeory.com

Dan Ogborn is a true expert in the field of muscle building. I’ve worked with Dan on multiple research-based projects and have found him to be one of the most knowledgeable, insightful guys around with respect to the science and practice of exercise. He’s one of the few people I actively seek out for collaboration.

Brad Schoenfeld PhD CSCS – bradschoenfeld.com


Updated thoughts on optimizing hypertrophy training

The ever-evolving nature of science creates a never-ending obligation to reevaluate our prior training practices and recommendations against recent developments in the field. This obligation only increases when you write about these opinions publicly. Before we head into the Canada Day long weekend, I thought I’d take a quick look at a few recent studies […]

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Complex Analysis, Simple Solutions

I recently had the opportunity to speak to an audience of strength coaches and athletic therapists regarding optimizing nutritional and exercise strategies to enhance connective tissue adaptations. One component of this talk was to highlight a relatively complex analysis of the Achilles tendon structure and how this work produced an ultimately simplistic exercise prescription (i.e. […]

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Dan Ogborn