Hi, I’m Dan.

I’m a clinician-scientist working where rehabilitation meets performance.

My research focuses on two questions: 1) how can we best manipulate training programs to maximize performance and 2) how do we determine whether an athlete is ready to safely return to sport following injury.

What’s in it for you

I want to help you make data-driven decisions about your health and performance. It could be how to structure your training to maximize muscle growth or figure out if you’re ready to get back on the field. Whether you’re an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, or just love spending time in the gym, my hope is that you’ll find something here that will help. A few examples of questions that you’ll find answered here are:

My articles are heavy on evidence, but I try to balance this with actionable strategies you can use today to make progress. Everything I do in the lab is inspired by the patients I see in the clinic, so it’s never enough to just work in theory.

You can start by reading through the archives here and join my email list.

About me


With a growing list of publications and presentations (full list here), I’ve been fortunate to be able to test my theories developed through long hours in the gym. Throughout the years my research program has focused on strength training and assessment methods that help maximize performance and health.


I am an adjunct assistant professor in the College of Rehabilitation Sciences and I work with the Resident Research Program in Orthopedics in the Department of Surgery at the University of Manitoba.

Physical Therapist

I currently run the Return to Sport Assessment program out of the Pan Am Clinic Foundation in conjunction with Pan Am Rehabilitation Services.

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Dan Ogborn