Time for a new gym!

I’ve been stuck training out of standard commercial gyms for most of my life. While the training environment is obviously less than ideal and full of distractions, I think it’s also beneficial as it trains you to refine your focus and create intensity purely by yourself. So take a look below to see a comparison between what’s on the walls at a gym that produces some of the best lifters around (EliteFTS) and what I see on the change-room wall at my now ex-commercial gym (above).

That being said, having seen the picture above posted in the changeroom wall pretty much signalled it was time to move on. I’m all for looking to provide alternate revenue streams when running a business and selling in-gym ad space seems like a great idea, but you need to filter what you’re putting in there to reflect the values of your business, don’t just chase the dollars. There’s just something about a fluffy cat in a knitted sweater that kills the intensity, am I wrong? Either way, fortunately my new house is in a different area of town and I will be at another gym that I’ve heard great things about. I probably should have been driving there all this time anyway.

Or I could just destroy the savings account at EliteFTS, lower my basement a foot or two and build the ultimate home gym. Tempting…


    Jeff King says:

    …..Or you could just come up and train at my gym.

    dan_ogborn says:

    Thought you would be on this post jeff, I'm sure you know what gym this one is too! It was great training at your gym today, you've definitely put together one hell of a training environment.

    Jeff King says:

    Thanks. I kinda like it too.

    Let me know when you want to come and train again. Did you get the stuff on Face Book?

    Calder says:

    I am pumped to see the information that will be shared on this site.

    I find that every so often you need a push to jump start somthing fresh in the gym and it looks like big Dan's the one who can get it done.

    As a former training partner I can attest that the knowledge and results Dano has stored under his hat. Looking forward to much more.

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Dan Ogborn