Very few people understand research as well as Dan, and even fewer know how to think creatively about it, and synthesize it with good old fashioned trial and error.  He is a true expert.

Greg Nuckols – Strengththeory.com

Dan Ogborn is a true expert in the field of muscle building. I’ve worked with Dan on multiple research-based projects and have found him to be one of the most knowledgeable, insightful guys around with respect to the science and practice of exercise. He’s one of the few people I actively seek out for collaboration.

Brad Schoenfeld PhD CSCS – bradschoenfeld.com

My wife and I worked with Dan over the course of three months and in that time we were more than satisfied with his help. Aside from his extensive academic credentials Dan provided a simple yet a high quality training program that was well thought out and easy enough for us to follow. Dan was very cordial and quickly responsive to our questions. The constant feedback we received from Dan helped us progress towards our goals.

Sara & JT Hicks

Dan has the amazing ability to fuse research with trial and error to yield results. Every day he learns more and makes himself better because of this. Because of Dan’s knowledge in muscle and strength building, I asked him to write an article for my website. Needless to say, it was a great article, and I’d be honoured to publish anything Dan writes in the future.

Jason Maxwell – jmaxfitness.com

We have known Dan Ogborn for a couple of years now. We have a great deal of respect for him as he values sports science research and implements best practices with his clients. He recently contributed a very in depth and informative article on the “science of drop sets.” His writing and evidence to back up his claims really intrigued us and made us want to provide evidence based information as well. We consider Dan a friend, colleague, and fitness professional that we see making a difference in the strength and conditioning and fitness industry for years to come.

Eric & Chris Martinez – dynamicduotraining.com

Dan is one of the good guys… He is honest, straight-forward, and all about balancing the super-scientific with practical application.

JC Deen – jcdfitness.com

Dan Ogborn