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Strong Science #2

Thinking back about ten years ago, after tearing both pecs, I began a love affair with lower body training. What’s a guy (or girl) to do if you can’t bench, other than launch an all-out assault on lower body training? At the time, that made the main object of my affection without a doubt the […]

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5 tips to make 2012 your strongest

As 2011 winds down, many people start looking to the next year and planning the changes they’ll make to their lives. While I don’t know what your resolutions are for the new year, if I could have any impact on 2012 it would be to get as many people as possible to do the following […]

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Keep it safe in the weight room

After writing my previous post on the infamous crossfit video, and how we need to learn to take calculated risks in the gym, I was inspired by a post written by Joel Runyon over on the ‘Blog of Impossible Things’. In it, he retells a training story of Bruce Lee’s and ties it into everyday […]

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Deadlifts, rounded backs, weak hips

If your goals are to either get bigger or stronger, you’re probably familiar with the deadlift. Heralded as the one true measure of strength, perhaps nothing is harder in the gym than trying to break a seemingly immovable amount of weight from it’s comfortable resting place firmly on the ground. In recent years there has […]

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4 ways to make life harder in the gym

Modern life is all about convenience – finding ways to make things quicker and easier, under the guise of fitting everything into our ever-so-‘busy’ schedules. Anyone surprised that as we’ve ‘optimized’ everything so we don’t need to work as hard or move as much, we’ve found ourselves facing ever-expanding waistlines and an obesity epidemic? So […]

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Reviewed: Fat Gripz

So after last week’s lengthy diatribe on co-activation, I figured I’d take it easy and use this week to start up a product review section. For those that follow the blog and my Twitter account, you’ll know that I’m stuck in a commercial gym, and have been my entire training life. While these places generally […]

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Strength before size? Here’s why

One thing that seems to frustrate people new to the training game is how strength increases occur rapidly early on with no detectable change in muscle size, which is usually their priority. While it certainly puzzles many a new trainee, the phenomenon has been studied for decades now, and while we still don’t have a […]

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