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Strong Science #2

Thinking back about ten years ago, after tearing both pecs, I began a love affair with lower body training. What’s a guy (or girl) to do if you can’t bench, other than launch an all-out assault on lower body training? At the time, that made the main object of my affection without a doubt the […]

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Strong Science #1

After roughly 6-7 months of blogging, I’m still working to find my voice and a good way to deliver my content. So while I’ve been experimenting with different formats of posts, this also means that I need to experiment with different LENGTHS of posts. I’ve started to build up quite the collection of overly-referenced monster […]

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Squats & patellofemoral force

The fitness industry is full of rules, and while many are created with the best of intentions, you’ll find that the bulk of them are formed without a single shred of scientific evidence, sound reasoning or even a basic understanding of how people¬†actually train. My recent read of the book Risk: The science and politics […]

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Dan Ogborn