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On my mind #1

I’ve received some good feedback on the Strong Science series, but wanted to create some posts that aren’t necessarily tied to a theme or filled with science. My thought process is best described as anything but organized so I thought I’d throw together a random thoughts style of post as a good way to put […]

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Foam rollers or massage therapist?

There’s been a lot of interest in massage lately since the release of the new study from the research group I’m working with (1). Seems the study is resonating well within the physiotherapy and massage communities, and to a lesser extent on the strength-oriented side of the blogosphere. I’ve summarized the results previously, and also […]

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Massage, mitochondria, inflammation

I’ve received some good questions after the release of our recent study on the interaction of exercise and massage (1), but the question most relevant to this site is whether or not we would anticipate a similar result if we used strength training instead of endurance exercise. Definitely a good question, and to address it […]

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Dan Ogborn