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1. What is Barbells on the Brain?

To make a long story short, “Barbells on the Brain” fuses scientific evidence with the practical insight gained through years of actually training. Over the years the fitness industry has long debated the importance of education against experience, like the two were mutually exclusive terms. I’ve dedicated my career to completing the scientific training required to answer the difficult questions regarding optimal training methods (education), and developed my applied skills through moving weights myself and training a variety of individuals (experience).

If you’re comfortable diving head first into in-depth studies, and understand that sometimes practicalities require you to take a leap of faith on a purely theoretical argument, you’re going to like it here.

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3. Learn more about me

If you want the somewhat complete story on me and have a few extra minutes, head to my about page. Here are a few points to make a long story short:

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4. Read my popular articles & guest posts

Over the years I’ve amassed a growing collection of peer-reviewed and online articles ranging from the complexities of the molecular adaptations of muscle to practical, evidence-based tips you can use to optimize your training. You can find an index of most of my peer-reviewed articles on Pubmed and below are a collection of some of the more popular articles I’ve published online.

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