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I hear all the kids are using Snapchat. Old guys like me still have no idea what that is, but if you have training or science-related questions, there’s no better way to use your time than talking with me on Skype.



I’ve been lucky over the years to consult with a great collection of individuals and companies. From simple training questions to creating elaborate experiments testing product effectiveness, and everything in-between, you’d be surprised what we can accomplish with an hour or two on Skype.

Each purchase includes:

  • Two initial emails to establish topics and questions for your consultation
  • One hour online consultation (via Skype or FaceTime)
  • One follow-up email and summary document

2 reviews for Personal Consultation

  1. Patrick L.

    I came to Dan with some technical questions about the physiology of muscle hypertrophy that were bothering me. I had looked for relevant research, but I couldn’t find clear answers. Dan helped me analyze the literature on the questions I was interested in and pointed me to many interesting studies I had missed. We also discussed their practical applications.

    The call was chill, and I learned a ton. I’m happy I reached out to him.

  2. T. Claessens M.D. (verified owner)

    I contacted Dan to get an overview of the recent literature around training for hypertrophy. We ended up talking about so much more. Dan has a great overview about the literature but more importantly he understands how all these parameters interact. The Skype call itself was structured yet very casual.
    Top this off with the fact that he has a bunch of practical experience as a coach and PT and you’ve got a great combination. He also sends you a very detailed summary of the entire talk which in itself was worth the price.

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