Accepting physiotherapy patients in Winnipeg, Manitoba

I can remember tearing my pec. It was a partial tear at the junction of the muscle and tendon, and at that time deemed irreparable. My sports medicine specialist gave me a prescription for physiotherapy and sent me on my way. Both practitioners who treated me questioned why I felt the need to continue lifting weights, why I would want to return to something that produced my injury, implying that my goals were unreasonable, or that I was irrational.

Don’t get me wrong, these were highly competent professionals, and they provided care as best they could. It’s not uncommon that those with performance oriented goals, especially when it comes to those in the weight-room, are misunderstood by health-care practitioners. Too often these performance goals are viewed as optional, a luxury for only the healthiest of bodies, and when an injury gets in the way, they should be abandoned for more “realistic” ones. So it comes as no surprise that I left each treatment session with the feeling that they didn’t understand my motivation or goals.

I know I wasn’t alone, but I felt like it at the time. With my pec tear, I could no longer train with my regular training partners – who’d want to unload the bar to let me get my sets in? And my team of healthcare professionals, while well-meaning, didn’t understand where I was coming from.

Your physiotherapy doesn’t have to be that way

With this experience I realized there was a gap in the healthcare services available to those seeking to maximize their physical potential. I dedicated my career to studying the human body from the inside out. I’ve completed multiple degrees in kinesiology, medical sciences and physiotherapy and published original research in leading scientific journals. All this so that I can ensure that those who work hard to maximize their physical performance will have a clinician right there with them in the weight room.

If you’re interested in performing at your best, you need clinicians that understand your goals and have the facilities to help you get back on track. That’s why I’m happy to announce that I am currently accepting new physiotherapy patients in Winnipeg, Manitoba at Total Rehabilitation and Sports Injuries Clinic.

It’s rare in this day to find a physiotherapy clinic with all the tools necessary to rehabilitate and injury while addressing your performance goals. I took one look at the performance gym at Total and knew I had found a place that would let me offer the physical therapy services for the performance-minded patients.

Total Rehabilitation and Sports Injuries Clinic

Attached to both Acceleration Performance and Acceleration Fitness Centre, Total Rehabilitation and Sports Injuries clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic offering Physical Therapy, Athletic Therapy, and Massage Therapy services.

You don’t have to be a high-performance athlete to benefit from the services at Total Rehabilitation. No matter your situation we will work to help you rehabilitate your injury and lead a healthy and active lifestyle. We are also equipped to work with Manitoba Public Insurance, the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba, and many extended benefit plans to help you rehabilitate your injury as efficiently as possible.

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Dan Ogborn