OMM 11 Patient satisfaction, messiness, email overload

My On My Mind (OMM) series takes a quick look at what’s caught my interest this week, products I’m using, and projects I’m working on.

Strength Rebels Exercise Database

Founded by physical therapist Dr Scotty Butcher and strength coach Chad Benko, the Strength Rebels’ growing exercise database is a great resource for high quality exercise videos.

The problem with satisfied patients

While this article was geared towards hospital settings, patient/client satisfaction is a huge issue in personal training, strength and conditioning and physical therapy. I think most clinicians/coaches can relate to the fact that many clients will request treatments/exercises that may not be effective or warranted, and just have to accept that this may have an impact on their ratings in the clinic.

Embrace the mess: The upside of disorder

I have always been a proponent that if you have to spend considerable time organizing your email, then you are serving the tool (email) more than it is serving you. I use a combination of a few folders, automated gmail filters, and one really simple rule:

Respond. Delete.

This keeps my inbox as clean as possible, leaving me to handle the more pressing issues of the day.

Like my inbox, my desk is also a minimal affair. A small standing desk with a keyboard, mouse and monitor. That’s it.

But this article raised some points about messiness that I hadn’t considered. Drawing on the work of Daivd Kirsh, where one sees mess, another sees specific prompts to things that need to be done. While the messy have cues, the clean desk does not, requiring the use of additional tools to prompt action (to-do lists).

Embrace the Mess: The Upside of Disorder

Avoid email overload with Gmail filters

My problem with email, other than the shear volume that most of us receive, is timing. I subscribe to a good number of newsletters from individuals and sites I’m interested in and electronic tables of contents from scientific journals. None of these sources of information, while interesting and important to me, are time-sensitive. There’s nothing worse than heading into your email and seeing a barrage of new messages constantly coming in, unrelated to the topic at hand.

In gmail, I use a series of labels (newsletters, eTOC, etc…) and filters so that these messages are immediately filed away with no intervention from me. This issue isn’t one of organization, but that I’m controlling, or directing my attention. There’s no question that these emails have information I want to read, but using this system allows me to get to them on my time, checking the labels (folders) about once per week.

Use the steps in this article to set up your own system to filter/label in gmail.

That’s it from me. As always, reach out to let me know what you’ve found that has helped you maximize your performance and your health.


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