OMM10 – New arrivals, decision making, Evernote

My On My Mind (OMM) series takes a quick look at what’s caught my interest this week, products I’m using, and projects I’m working on.

Another Ogborn…

While my intentions were to start posting more frequently on the site, with the OMM series happening every Friday, that plan was quickly derailed.

We were expecting our second son to arrive mid October, but a routine ultrasound quickly turned into an emergency c-section and the eight-week early arrival of Marcus Ogborn, all three pounds of him.

Despite spending the first nine weeks of his life in hospital, we’re happy that he’s home with us now. While he still requires some on-going medical monitoring for his blood glucose, we’ve finally settled into a somewhat normal routine.

Marcus and Daphne

I’ve managed to work clinically throughout much of this, but my research and online projects were bumped back a bit. As family life continues to normalize for us, I hope to get my productivity back to where it should be.

BJSM Dec 2016

This month’s edition of the British Journal of Sports Medicine looks to be a good one. I’m starting with:

Apps I’m using: Evernote

I’ve been an Evernote user since 2008. While the company has introduced new features and accessories, the basic organizing features of Evernote are all I’ve really used it for.

For example, I’m inundated with interesting podcasts, articles and videos all day, often at times when absorbing the material just isn’t possible.

In Evernote, I have three notebooks to capture this info, organized by medium. My “To Watch”, “To Read” and “To Listen” folders build up over the week, but these allow me to 1) review the material at a time of my choosing and 2) always have material at the ready based on what I feel like doing (watching, reading, listening).

Since I can capture and organize into Evernote from any device I’m using, I don’t have to worry about missing content I’m interested in because I came across it at an inconvenient time.

What I’m Reading: Farnam Street

I stumbled across Farnam Street Blog in a tweet from Sol Orwell. I always felt that the bottleneck to progress isn’t necessarily a lack of information, but an ability to integrate what information we have into decisions and tangible actions.

What better than a site that specifically addresses mental models and decision making processes. I recommend starting on the “Best Articles” page.

That’s it from me. As always, reach out to let me know what you’ve found that has helped you maximize your performance and your health.


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