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A quick thought on statistical power

Whether you’re an allied health professional, strength coach, or personal trainer, there’s no hiding from the greater demand for evidence-informed practices. In an age where your clients come to you having spent hours online already trying to tackle their problem, they’re likely to end up on your door step with more questions, and likely expectations, […]

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What’s more important?

My family always had dogs, so the concept of dog training wasn’t foreign to me when I got my own, however being a kid at the time I don’t think I was nearly as involved in the process as I should’ve been. Only as an adult have I realized the amount of behind-the-scenes work with […]

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11 lessons from my first pec tear

I can remember it like it was yesterday. It was the second rep of a heavy set, not my working weight, but a heavy set on the bench press nonetheless. Lowering the bar to my chest, I started to feel a searing pain across the upper portion of my chest, like someone had jabbed something […]

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Bastardization of the 10000 hour rule

If you haven’t heard of Malcolm Gladwell, hit amazon, buy his books, read them then come back. Don’t worry, I can wait.  Gladwell, best known for his ability to weave what could be normally construed as mundane or boring topics with top notch storytelling, brought forward the idea that it takes approximately 10000 hours of […]

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Dan Ogborn