Strong Science (5)

Strong Science #5

No complaint about commercial gyms is as pervasive as gripes about the sub-par music selection. I can remember my early days cleaning up the weights at a local commercial gym, I was constantly hearing from members who couldn’t stand the generic, top-40 music that softly serenaded them while they trained. It was a co-ed facility […]

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Strong Science #4

After reading a recent study on some potent effects of emphasizing bar speed during the bench press (1), I thought I’d take a look at two classic studies looking at the importance of rapid contractions during training. The first of these studies (2) is definitely a classic that is often missed, but it’s such an […]

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Strong Science #3

After showing the squat a little too much love in Strong Science #1¬†and #2, I’ll turn my attention to the deadlift. I’ve got two classic studies that I’ve mentioned briefly elsewhere (here and here), but I’ll talk about them again here because they don’t get anywhere near the attention they should. But before I dive […]

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Strong Science #2

Thinking back about ten years ago, after tearing both pecs, I began a love affair with lower body training. What’s a guy (or girl) to do if you can’t bench, other than launch an all-out assault on lower body training? At the time, that made the main object of my affection without a doubt the […]

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Strong Science #1

After roughly 6-7 months of blogging, I’m still working to find my voice and a good way to deliver my content. So while I’ve been experimenting with different formats of posts, this also means that I need to experiment with different LENGTHS of posts. I’ve started to build up quite the collection of overly-referenced monster […]

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