Prowling with cavemen

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last few years (sometimes I wish I had) you’ve probably come across one of the countless news stories and online articles about the barefoot running craze. While I can’t tell you when this actually started as I haven’t run a lap since I was forced to […]

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Creatine Ethyl Ester: Leave it on the shelf

Creatine monohydrate has a large and growing body of literature to support not only its performance enhancing effects, but also its therapeutic effects in many diseases (muscular dystrophy, parkinsons). Despite this, it has been estimated that as few as 20% of users actually saturate their creatine stores when supplementing and as many as 30% fail […]

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Squats & patellofemoral force

The fitness industry is full of rules, and while many are created with the best of intentions, you’ll find that the bulk of them are formed without a single shred of scientific evidence, sound reasoning or even a basic understanding of how people actually train. My recent read of the book Risk: The science and politics […]

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Bastardization of the 10000 hour rule

If you haven’t heard of Malcolm Gladwell, hit amazon, buy his books, read them then come back. Don’t worry, I can wait.  Gladwell, best known for his ability to weave what could be normally construed as mundane or boring topics with top notch storytelling, brought forward the idea that it takes approximately 10000 hours of […]

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No-show fees, guilt & exercise adherence

If you’ve read the book ‘Predicatably Irrational’ by Dan Ariely (if you haven’t I strongly recommend it) (1), you’ll remember a chapter where he discusses monetization of social relationships. Besides mentioning incredibly awkward examples, like offering your mother-in-law cash for cooking a Thanksgiving dinner, he describes a study involving Israeli daycare centres that were frustrated […]

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Barbells on the brain

I’ve spent the last 12 years of my life learning everything I could about training. I started as a teenager living in the weight-room, got my first job cleaning up the weights, moved up to personal trainer, and then moved on to studying the science of training. When I hit university I didn’t know what […]

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Dan Ogborn