Why risk the wrist?

The resurgence in olympic lifting both in athletic training and basic fitness programs (Crossfit) has polarized the fitness community. Once viewed as highly specialized and technical lifts that take years to master, people are essentially grabbing a barbell and giving them a shot their first day in the gym. On top of that, these technical […]

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Squats & patellofemoral force

The fitness industry is full of rules, and while many are created with the best of intentions, you’ll find that the bulk of them are formed without a single shred of scientific evidence, sound reasoning or even a basic understanding of how people actually train. My recent read of the book Risk: The science and politics […]

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Bastardization of the 10000 hour rule

If you haven’t heard of Malcolm Gladwell, hit amazon, buy his books, read them then come back. Don’t worry, I can wait.  Gladwell, best known for his ability to weave what could be normally construed as mundane or boring topics with top notch storytelling, brought forward the idea that it takes approximately 10000 hours of […]

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Dan Ogborn