Barbells on the Brain T-Shirt


Tell the world you have “Barbells on the Brain” by wearing this 100% cotton shirt. In case you were wondering, 100% of all proceeds will go to support¬†my addiction to full-texts. Science ain’t cheap you know.

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Squats 101 Seminar


This three hour live seminar at Total Rehabilitation is focused on developing a deeper understanding of the barbell back squat. Specific assessment and corrective techniques will be discussed to help you maximize performance in the back squat.

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Skype Consultation


I hear all the kids are using Snapchat. Old guys like me still have no idea what that is,¬†but if you have training or science-related questions, there’s no better way to use your time than talking with me on Skype.

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Online Training Program


Finding a strength coach that can take the latest developments in exercise science and tailor them into a realistic program to help you achieve your goals isn’t easy. Thanks to the internet, it just got easier.

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Dan Ogborn